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Is your blood pressure high enough to worry about potential heart attacks and strokes?
Is your blood pressure high enough to worry about potential heart attacks and strokes?
Your body has amazing abilities to heal itself if given the right foods and nutrition...
Find out which of the foods and additives you've been eating is causing your unwanted weight gain...
Keeping yourself and your family healthy is finally affordable and within reach...
Just because you're getting older doesn't mean you have to be tired and in pain...

It's time to finally fix your health problems...

  • Excess Weight/Obesity
  •  Tired All the Time
  •  Allergies & Food Sensitivities
  •  Bloating/Digestion Issues
  •  Sleep Difficulties
  •  Headaches & Migraines
  •  Anxiety or Depression
  •  High Blood Pressure
  •  Body & Joint Pains
  •  Arthritis, Diabetes, Cancer
  •  Breathing Problems
  •  Foggy Brain
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Dr. Granger gets excellent health results simply by helping your body to heal itself naturally, without drugs.

Imagine the health problems that you've been living with for years — gone!

Dr. Kevin Granger uses natural methods to successfully bring you back to excellent health

A picture of Dr. Kevin Granger My name is Dr. Kevin Granger. I am a natural health practitioner and a chiropractic physician, and have been in practice for over 32 years since 1985.

I attended Capital University and Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio before going on to study at the prestigious National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, Illinois.

Since beginning practice in 1985 I have seen thousands of patients and treated thousands of conditions. I have helped thousands of people regain their health, and I know that it IS possible without resorting to pharmaceuticals and dangerous and unnecessary operations. I help patients by discovering the root cause their problems and correcting it with natural remedies to allow their bodies to heal and return to full health.

REAL RESULTS with Dr. Granger when nothing else and no other doctor was able to help:

FAMILY HAS MAJOR HEALTH GAINSLike many people with health challenges, you’ve most likely been through several doctors and health programs, only to see no results at all. Click to watch the video above for real patient testimonials on their amazing successes under Dr. Granger’s care and programs. He uses natural methods and supplements that are very affordable, and the positive results are frankly phenomenal.

Hispanic family

Rave reviews and successes under Dr. Granger's care

Many people have been in poor health for so long and have met with so many failures to fix their health, that they’ve given up on ever being in good health again. We’re here to tell you that it IS possible for your body to heal itself from all kinds of illnesses and conditions — as long as you avoid the foods your body hates, and that you’re getting the EXACT nutrition to help your body heal what’s wrong.

Dr. Kevin Granger treating a patient

Meet our highly-trained, professional medical staff

Dr. Kevin Granger and practitioner Hayley Imbriani are both expertly trained practitioners of Nutrition Response Testing. They have the know-how to discover the precise organs that are affected, and whether there is a problem with immune problems, heavy metals or food allergies causing the problems. They can then test to discover the EXACT nutrients your body needs to deal with the problems.

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Read helpful, informative articles on health

Dr. Granger has written and collected various articles on health and nutrition that can educate you on healthier lifestyles, food, exercise and more. A well-educated person is more capable of taking control of his/her health directly. The more you know, the better you can ensure your own successful healthy life. Learn and grow more knowledgeable about your body and what it needs to be healthy.

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