I am so excited! I have had an amazing win regarding my rheumatoid arthritis. In June of 2017, I had a blood test that showed that I had a rheumatoid arthritis factor of 100.2. On June 26th, I began a program with you and shortly after that, you recommended that I read “The Plant Paradox” and follow its nutritional guidelines. Well, as you know, I have worked very hard to follow your advice and to follow the guidelines of “The Plant Paradox.

I have had amazing results regarding a reduction from a very distracting level of pain to almost no pain at all. For example, I used to routinely have trouble sleeping because I was in intense pain. In addition, I have tremendously reduced the disability I was experiencing from the arthritis. For example, I used to limp all the time and it took forever to arrive! Now I not only walk without a limp but I also walk fast!! And today, I would like to announce that I have just received the results of a recent blood test, which shows that together, you and I have reduced my rheumatoid arthritis factor from 100.2 to 57!!!!! I’m thrilled and VERY GRATEFUL. THANK YOU, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.