Jeremy Billie’s success story with weight gain, digestion issues, and his search for optimal health

Since I have been in treatment with Dr. Granger doing Nutrition Response Testing, many things have changed in my body. When I came to see him in April, my digestion was doing poorly; I had parasites, felt tense, and couldn’t sleep well at night. My blood pressure was sometimes high and my thyroid and circulation were not working properly. “For the last five months, I was treated weekly and given nutritional supplements that were exactly what my body was asking for and needed at the time. In these 5 months with the treatment, I feel stronger and healthier. I have lost weight; my digestion is much improved and the parasites are gone. I feel relaxed and my thyroid and blood pressure are now normal. And very important too, is that little by little, I have been reading and learning about the right way to really eat healthy. “I absolutely recommend to anyone, who is showing any health problems, to see Dr. Granger and start a treatment with him. You will experience the knowledge he uses in his practice and how caring he is about the details. Working together with patients, he finds what is happening to the body and why it’s not working properly. And by giving the nutritional supplements that the body needs, you are going to experience a positive improvement to your health. If you have health concerns, just show up in his office and you can experience for yourself how the body responds positively to nutritional supplements and you will see improvements little by little when things are handled in the correct way. Thank you, Dr. Granger.”

– A.N.

Dr. Granger is fantastic! My primary couldn’t fix my digestion problems. I felt better in a few weeks after seeing him. I haven’t felt this good in years.

– E.T.

Dr Granger has helped me for over 10 years in Ohio and Florida with Chiropractic and Nutritional help. His knowledge ,treatment and caring about me keeps me healthy with my energy and digestive problems. My food eating over the years has changed my life with his help. I have tried others with different techniques and I have found his knowledge and techniques work for me as long as I’m compliant. I do leave Dr Granger off and on, but always return to him to set me straight. Thanks to the staff for always checking up on me and their help and sincerely.

– B.G.

I have been treated by a number of nutritionists and natural medicine practitioners thru the years and never experienced the results I have with Dr. Granger, I had issues with my energy level and awful digestive problems and all of them have been addressed and handled. The changes were pretty immediate and stable. Dr. Granger is one of the kindest persons I’ve ever known and his knowledge and ability to impart it are simply amazing.

– M.L.

I’ve had two visits with Dr. Granger, and in just eight days, I’ve already experienced very positive changes in my body. I came to Dr. Granger to handle my digestion, which was so weak that I couldn’t eat vegetables like broccoli and leafy greens. It’s hard to be healthy when you’re not getting nutrients from vegetables! With Nutritional Response Testing, Dr. Granger found the problem and put me on the correct digestive and probiotic supplements. It’s amazing, but I can now eat those vegetables again with no after effect! The testing also showed three foods that I was eating daily, which were actually feeding yeast and virus infections that I didn’t know I had. So I’ve eliminated those foods and I’m now taking supplements to strengthen my immune system. These minor problems could all have led to more serious conditions. So I’m very glad that I came to Dr. Granger. He has designed a personal nutritional program for me and I’m already feeling healthier!

– P.F.

Dr Granger is absolutely amazing! He was able to find the actual reasons I was having various body problems (stomach and intestinal) and fix them! I feel better than I have for many years! I highly recommend him and his clinic.

– R.L.

Dr. Granger and the LMT have helped me so much with my health and physical well-being. I have suffered from Lyme disease for years and years. With their help and dedication to my health I can proudly say I have never felt better. When I first came in I was in constant pain. I could barely eat because my stomach hurt so bad, I was constantly exhausted and I just felt horrible. I wasn’t even fully aware of how poorly I felt because I had lived with it so long. Once I started to feel better I started to realize how bad I was feeling physically. Now, I have virtually no stomach pain and no longer am living in continuous overall pain. The best part about this is, I now have the energy to be able to do all the things I love such as horseback riding and working out, just to name a couple. I’m so happy and grateful I found them and I really can’t thank them enough for their help.

– A.S.

I went to see Dr. Granger for my list of issues. Body pain, gastrointestinal issues and managing my hypothyroidism. After I was muscle tested I was put on specific natural suppliments with very specific doses. After a week my stomache was so happy and at peace. No unnecessary eating, no cravings, no bloating. It is a wonderful feeling. Also was put on an anti inflammation food list to eliminate pain in my body as well as balance my weight issue. My pain is almost gone in my joints and I feel amazing. He also keeps my thyroid happy with no medication, just all natural suppliments. I’m a happy happy girl. Thank you for taking care of me.

– S.C.

I had a problem with bloating, gassiness, and stomach discomfort, I was also experiencing low energy levels every day after work. Over the last few weeks of my program, my energy levels have improved drastically and my stomach discomfort issues have diminished greatly. My primary care physician had diagnosed “gastroparesis” and wanted to put me on an antidepressant to control it. the LMT’s recommended supplement program took care of most of my stomach distress without resorting to that medication. Thanks LMT!

– D.S.