Michael’s Success

When I first went to see Dr. Granger, my insides weren’t feeling that well. My stomach was not doing so well. I had aches and pains above my ribs, stomach and left arm. The nutrients Dr. Granger put me on, I immediately noticed something within my left side somehow doing something to me. I continued to take these nutrients and felt myself getting a little bit better each day – my insides feel different in a sense of well being. I ended up in the hospital and found out I have diverticulitis. Almost everyone develops this problem I was told at hospital. This surprised me to know I have that.. I can attribute the nutrients helping me in some way in saving my life.

– Cruz Z.

I have had tremendous success with Dr. Granger. I have been unable to use my hands and now I am handwriting this testimonial! My muscle-tone has increased immediately in only one visit! “I have been seeing practitioner after practitioner to get relief. This was the missing link that made healing possible. I was getting no sleep (or not good qualitysleep), had poor digestion, low energy and poor muscle tone. “I can’t believe the difference — truly! My physical therapist actually told me that my muscles were different the day after I started with Dr. Granger. I have been seeing him for four months! Now I’m really improving!!!!

– Vicki B.

Best nutritionist around! I have been going to see the LMT for a few months now, and the changes I’ve made are wonderful! I’ve been to other nutritionists and chiropractors before, but here, I am actually handling the root of the problems my body has and not just temporarily relieving them!!

This is a natural path, so it takes a bit as each organ heals one at a time, but it’s so worth it for stable gains! I’m sleeping better, my body doesn’t hurt as much, etc.
I’m so glad my friend originally dragged me here! 😁


Dr. Granger is Awesome. I’m truly blessed to have come in contact with Dr. Granger. I had severe back pain and she developed a program for me. Within a couple of weeks, I have noticed a big improvement. The more I continue on this program, the better I feel. Thank GOD for YOU.


I have suffered from thyroid issues for forever. Doctors always said ‘your blood work came back fine, so it isn’t your thyroid.’ Well, since I have walked into Nutritional Wellness, we have straighten out my thyroid issues, which was caused by something. I have learned so much about actual Health by coming here. Right now I am having knee issues because my young dog ran into me full speed and bent my knee the other way slightly, and soon after my neck started hurting a little bit. I hadn’t gone to the doctors yet because I didn’t have insurance. Well, low and behold, they are connected. I walk in there and everyone says hi to me, and treats me like family. It’s amazing what they have done for me. Thanks for helping me in so many ways 😊


I came to Dr. Kevin Grangers office with a diagnosis of Osteoporosis in my spine. Didn’t want to Prolia, but a more natural way of healing my bones. He’s giving me a more natural way to heal.He has listened to my concerns. Changed my diet, and I feel confident my next bone scan will be better. My experience with him has been great and I recommend him to anyone.


I am a professional wrestler and with that comes a lot of wear and tear on the body. Therefore, I was in search of some way to keep my body right. Since coming to see the LMT, she has helped me to get my nutrition where it needs to be. The supplements that I tested for during the Nutrition Response Testing has boosted my energy and quickly healed breaks and bruises, which has improved my overall strength. I recommend her and Nutritional Wellness to everyone trying to keep their body in tip-top condition.


Before I started with Dr. Granger, I had a lot of attention on my body, I didn’t feel totally well, aches, soreness, etc. I’ve been working with Dr. Granger for a year now getting tested and using his great supplement recommendations to gradually handle any organs in the body that are under stress, I slowly felt my body changing. Then, I felt stronger and I had more energy than I can remember having when I was in my 30’s. I’m 73 and I feel better and stronger than I ever have. This technology of Nutrition Response Testing really handles, naturally, any weaknesses in the body that most medical professionals could not really get to. I see now that you can’t handle the body with medication, it makes underlying conditions worse. This is exact, workable technology. Thank you to the staff here and especially to Dr. Granger!