Michael’s Success

When I first went to see Dr. Granger, my insides weren’t feeling that well. My stomach was not doing so well. I had aches and pains above my ribs, stomach and left arm. The nutrients Dr. Granger put me on, I immediately noticed something within my left side somehow doing something to me. I continued to take these nutrients and felt myself getting a little bit better each day – my insides feel different in a sense of well being. I ended up in the hospital and found out I have diverticulitis. Almost everyone develops this problem I was told at hospital. This surprised me to know I have that.. I can attribute the nutrients helping me in some way in saving my life.

– Cruz Z.

I have had tremendous success with Dr. Granger. I have been unable to use my hands and now I am handwriting this testimonial! My muscle-tone has increased immediately in only one visit! “I have been seeing practitioner after practitioner to get relief. This was the missing link that made healing possible. I was getting no sleep (or not good qualitysleep), had poor digestion, low energy and poor muscle tone. “I can’t believe the difference — truly! My physical therapist actually told me that my muscles were different the day after I started with Dr. Granger. I have been seeing him for four months! Now I’m really improving!!!!

– Vicki B.