Nearly collapsed physically. Had no energy to work.

Greer explains how far she has come with Dr. Granger’s program. She has gone from spending most of the day in bed, to gaining energy, strength and stamina, with reduced pain.

After years trying to improve energy with other doctors, Martha finally has success!

Wow! I survived the treatment! Plus I liked it! Yes, Dr. Kevin Granger was bang on’ in his analysis and treatment protocols. My energy came back and has not gone away! Thank you Sir!”

– S.S.

This week there was a change which was a sudden change physically in strength more or less a physical feeling of weakness (and I work out) to one of strength and I could feel that. Increased interest in food am aware of food and energy relation whereas before not so much.”

“So basically it was a switch from physical weakness to physical strength and it was sudden. I haven’t felt this way since my youth at about age 25.”

– Cynthia L.

I realized that I’ve made some vast improvements and I’ve got a lot more energy now. I’m not yawning in the afternoons any more. I need all the energy I can get and I feel vibrant. I can get a lot done in a day now, especially to push my body for exercise. I feel stronger and motivated to sustain exercising for longer than I used to. Also, I’m sleeping so much better. Before I would wake up at 4:00am every night and had a hard time going back to sleep. Now I sleep all through the night, and if I wake up, I go back to sleep very easily. “I used to also have shoulder pains, which have now gone away. Overall I feel healthy. I’m also able to handle the stress in my life so much better and I enjoy what I’m doing. I feel the nutrition improvement recommendations made by Dr. Granger have greatly contributed to my complete health. Dr. Dan Reisling’s adjustments have greatly changed my body’s structure to handle so much strength, breathing and overall removed my pain. Thank you!!!”

– Irma J.