Nearly collapsed physically. Had no energy to work.

Greer explains how far she has come with Dr. Granger’s program. She has gone from spending most of the day in bed, to gaining energy, strength and stamina, with reduced pain.

After years trying to improve energy with other doctors, Martha finally has success!

Wow! I survived the treatment! Plus I liked it! Yes, Dr. Kevin Granger was bang on’ in his analysis and treatment protocols. My energy came back and has not gone away! Thank you Sir!”

– S.S.

This week there was a change which was a sudden change physically in strength more or less a physical feeling of weakness (and I work out) to one of strength and I could feel that. Increased interest in food am aware of food and energy relation whereas before not so much.”

“So basically it was a switch from physical weakness to physical strength and it was sudden. I haven’t felt this way since my youth at about age 25.”

– Cynthia L.

I realized that I’ve made some vast improvements and I’ve got a lot more energy now. I’m not yawning in the afternoons any more. I need all the energy I can get and I feel vibrant. I can get a lot done in a day now, especially to push my body for exercise. I feel stronger and motivated to sustain exercising for longer than I used to. Also, I’m sleeping so much better. Before I would wake up at 4:00am every night and had a hard time going back to sleep. Now I sleep all through the night, and if I wake up, I go back to sleep very easily. “I used to also have shoulder pains, which have now gone away. Overall I feel healthy. I’m also able to handle the stress in my life so much better and I enjoy what I’m doing. I feel the nutrition improvement recommendations made by Dr. Granger have greatly contributed to my complete health. Dr. Dan Reisling’s adjustments have greatly changed my body’s structure to handle so much strength, breathing and overall removed my pain. Thank you!!!”

– Irma J.

I think Dr. Granger and Haley saved my life! I haven’t felt this GREAT in years. I have more energy, sleep better than ever, and feel ALIVE again. Im 67yrs old and highly recommend feeling healthy and happy again. Thank you so much for your interest, support and patience in my welfare.

– K.S.

I have been seeing Dr. Kevin Granger and the LMT for approximately one year. During that time my health has improved remarkably. I sleep MUCH better at night and have more energy during the day. I find my ability to focus on business situations and work out solutions is about triple what it was before. Quite frankly, I feel mostly like I did when I was in my 20s. We’re still working on my blood pressure and a few other conditions, but with all the positive changes I’ve observed, I feel confident that I will actually be able to bring my pressure down to normal and eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals. Dr. Kevin and the LMT use Nutrition Response testing to accurately determine the exact part of the body that needs assistance, and the exact nutrients your body wants. It also assists the practitioner in finding which foods your body does not want or need. It’s truly outstanding and completely drug free.

– L.W.

I am feeling so much better. Dr. Granger has been spot on to pin point the areas I needed support and areas I needed a complete over-haul in. I was so tired before I saw him and now I feel renewed with natural energy. I have a busy and stressful life like most people and in addition his nutritional recommendations helped me to sleep better, improved my digestion and guided me to avoid the foods that were hurting me. It’s been the best investment in my health seeing him.

– I.J.

Dr. Granger and the LMT are truly wonderful and knowledgeable natural healthcare providers! I have struggled since I was a teenager with chronic sleepiness (my family called me sleeping beauty!), and as an adult was drinking 2 energy drinks per day just to feel alive and function at a low level. I live a healthy lifestyle and thought I ate a balanced diet, but Dr. Granger and the LMT were able to identify the weak organs in my body that were holding me back from reaching my weight loss or health goals.

I had not heard of Nutrition response testing (and admittedly thought it was a little weird) but at this point homeopathic methods were the only thing that has any effect on me. Dr. Granger was the first person who I felt truly listened to my concerns and did not dismiss them as “normal”. My energy level now is like night and day difference.

I finally feel like myself, like I always knew I should have felt and functioned! I have learned so much from this office about how to maintain this optimal level of health and how to fine tune my lifestyle to be completely natural. The best part is, I actually spend less on healthcare by only purchasing products that I actually need. I plan on continuing to feel better and better!

– S.B.

Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. I’ve had a problem with bloating and low energy for quite a bit and thanks to Dr. Granger I’m more motivated to eat healthier and I’ve never felt better!

– S.R.

I was one of those people where I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me. I didn’t realize I could feel so much better. I have way more energy. I even recuperate so much faster after sports. And even aches and pains go away. Used to have pain in the mid back after playing Tennis or standing for a long time and that has completely gone away. I feel less tired and irritable overall and am more productive. Usually the whole day I would feel tired and now my energy holds. I feel that I am getting closer to my natural state. I truthfully believe that the nutrients have helped me be less prone to injuries and increased my stamina. And I haven’t gotten the Flu at all this year, which is a huge win for me.

– I.M.

Since I have been coming to Nutritional Wellness, the treatment plan has given me an increased energy level and I have been more productive at work and at home. I no longer fall asleep right after dinner!

– D.S.