Essential Health Reading list 2019  – “Healthy Mind, Healthier Body”
Knowing the latest health information is one of the best ways to speed up your recovery and progress with your health. Here is a list of great books to aid you on your journey for wellness. The more information you have, the easier it is to make well informed choices that can assist you with creating a cleaner lifestyle and reaching your health improvement goals!

Book Titles & Authors:

  • “The Missing Piece: Introducing Nutrition Response Testing”, Paul J. Rosen
  • “The Great Health Heist”, Paul J. Rosen
  • “Be Healthy Now”, Paul J. Rosen
  • “Lick the Sugar Habit”, Nancy Appleton Ph.D.
  • “Back to the Basics of Human Health”, Mary Frost
  • “Why Do We Need Whole Food Supplements”, Corrie Medford C.N.
  • “Wheat Belly”, William Davis M.D.
  • “Grain Brain”, Davin Perlmutter
  •  “The Pharmaceutical Myth”, Gerald Roliz CNC
  • “The Plant Paradox”, Dr. Steven Gundry
  • “The Obesity Code, Unlocking the Secrets to Weight Loss”, Jason Fung
  • “The Diabetics Code”, Jason Fung
  • “What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know”, Robert Thompson MD & Kathleen Barnes
  •  “Lies My Medical Doctor Told Me”, Ken D. Berry M.D.
  • “Fat For Fuel”, Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • “Carb Calorie Counter”, Dana Carpenter
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