Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or Just Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Many individuals experience what is known as chronic fatigue syndrome. Whether you have an official diagnosis or not, there are several practical nutritional tips that actually can help you to become that productive person that you want to be. It is our goal to help you to regain the energy and vitality that you have lost! When you are low in energy we are able to determine the underlying cause of what is zapping your energy, and what nutrients you need to get your energy back!

What is zapping your energy in the first place?

  • The biggest energy zappers are toxins that can accumulate and store in our bodies overtime.
  • toxin is a poison or substance that is capable of causing disease in the body, thus creating imbalances.
  • Imbalances cause your body to work harder, and burn more nutrients in order to heal itself. This leads to nutritional deficiencies.

Anything can become toxic

  • The very things we are exposed to on a daily basis, such as our foods, skin products, fragrances, water, and air can all contribute to the toxic load our body carries and increase the work it has to do to repair itself. The harder your body has to work to defend itself against these attackers can be a factor in developing what is called chronic fatigue syndrome, or constantly feeling fatigued.
  • When exposed to something long term, that our body is having trouble breaking down and using, that item can then become toxic to the body and behave like a poison.
  • This constant exposure can leave you feeling exhausted, stressed, and just plain sick all the time because your body is constantly working, yet missing vital nutrients it needs to function correctly.
  • That is why it’s so important to make sure you are exposed to good quality food and products!

Tips and Tricks to Provide you with Proper Fuel!

  • For sustainable energy through out the day eat meals full of meat protein, good fats, and leafy greens.
  • To build energy, you need no less than 3 servings of meat a day. Your body uses the protein to build new cells and repair damaged areas in the body.
  • Foods with a higher sugar content can cause your heart to beat faster, making it harder for you to feel calm and fall asleep peacefully at night.
  • Sugary/Grainy foods make your body work harder to digest them, and contribute to after eating fatigue.
  • Sugar can also deplete you of your essential B vitamins and minerals which can lead to nightmares and/or muscle and leg cramps.
  • Many people turn to coffee for an energy boost, but used in excess, coffee can deplete you of your natural energy and leave you feeling on edge, jittery, and stressed and reliant on more coffee to keep going.

Boost your Immune system to Boost your Energy!

  • Getting on the right nutrients can strengthen your immune system and make you more resistant to illness.
  • Immune challenges like bacteria, molds, parasites, and viruses make your body work harder than it needs too in order to heal all the damage they cause and can leach you of your energy.
  • Immune challenges are more active at night and can keep you up while making you feel very tired during the day. They are especially active when you eat sugar or processed grains/foods.
  • Make sure your house is mold free, a moldy environment can suppress your health.
  • If you are breathing in mold every day you can have breathing troubles, terrible allergies, be really itchy at night, and have overall continued poor health.
  • Anything your pets have, they can give to you. So make sure that you are active in maintaining good health for your pets.
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