Since Seeing the LMT, my headaches have reduced markedly and overall my body feels much more stable. She was able to get my non-optimally functioning organs ready to heal and recover. Thanks the LMT!

– T.D.

I have been seeing the LMT for a bit of time now, and I feel much better. At first my body was not functioning as well as it should have been, but now it’s really strong. I found out last time that I saw the LMT that I had parasites. Those little buggers gave me headaches and drained me. It has only been 2 weeks since she discovered the buggers, and now I am nipping them in the butt. No more headaches, and I have more energy. Thank you the LMT!

– K.P.

A couple weeks ago I was routinely having headaches. Being in Florida I thought “Not enough electrolytes”. When I saw the LMT she discovered it was something different my body wanted to handle. So we handled it and VOILA! No more headaches!! I feel great! Thank you the LMT for your help.

– P.

Before coming here I was not doing well physically. I was getting headaches and fevers often and there was a lot of irritation in my throat. After only a couple of weeks taking the supplements and following the food recommendations pretty much all of my symptoms I had before cleared up; I also just feel a lot more energized and happier overall. I’m also happy because I have been able to learn what my needs versus what it doesn’t and just having that knowledge feels really great!

I became a true believer in Nutrition Response Testing treatment. With the supplements that I was taking, I was able to overcome my tiredness and heachaches which were really bothering me. These supplements made a big difference for my body. I also felt that the follow-up visits were the correct periods of time to make any necessary changes. The LMT showed me that I should trust my body. With this program I was able to stop taking my thyroid medications and feel great!

– Z.M.