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Lose Weight. Look Great. Feel Better. Be Healthier.

A proper, nutritional diet can lower blood pressure and have long-lasting positive effects on your overall heart health

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Have you struggled to lose weight? Are you tired of gimmicks, pills and regimens that DON'T work?

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Obesity leads to many other ailments and health problems in children and adults. A proper nutritional diet can solve these issues.

Take the guesswork out of it and avoid the “do-it-yourself” approach which almost always ends in failure. Call us to get a personalized and effective nutritional wellness plan created just for you. We have helped thousands of patients lower their weight and improve their health… naturally.

Let us be your guide. We can lead you to lower weight and better health... naturally.

Dr. Kevin Granger has 32 years of health care experience, and uses Nutrition Response Testing to guide his patients to overall better health using natural wellness methods. He has helped thousands of patients just like you. Most patients begin to feel better the first week or two, and then continue to improve until they achieve their maximum health level.

Getting started is easy:

Step One: Call us today at (727) 248-0930 to schedule a $50 New Patient Health Exam.

Step Two: Come into our office for your New Patient Health Exam and meet Dr. Granger.

Step Three: Follow your personalized nutritional wellness plan and start lowering your blood pressure quickly and naturally.

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