The Risks of High Blood Pressure

Warning! The risk of developing high blood pressure (HBP) is greater than 90 percent for individuals in developed countries, according to an editorial in the Lancet.[1]

One in three adults will be stricken. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for coronary artery disease, stroke, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, vision loss, chronic kidney disease, and dementia.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a malfunction of the body. It develops as a result of imbalances in the glands and hormones secreted by the body. Research indicates a correlation between poor diet, sugar, insulin and high blood pressure.[2]

Major Cause of High Blood Pressure

It is understandable why hypertension is on the rise. The Standard American Diet (SAD) —has become far too common and consists of high grain, low fat and high sugar/carbohydrate. This is exactly the wrong nutritional combination if you have high blood pressure, or if you are hoping to prevent the condition.

Natural Treatments for High Blood Pressure

Medication does not actually eliminate the problem; it merely treats the symptoms. It does not correct the underlying cause of high blood pressure. So the body continues to progressively decline as the real cause continues.

It is vitally important to give the body the essential nutrients it needs to repair internal organs and glands. A gland is a special organ that produces and secretes a substance called hormones, which have highly specialized jobs. Example: The adrenal gland produces and secretes blood pressure regulating hormones. Optimal food and targeted whole food supplements can provide the right nutrients and building blocks to repair and balance the body. A professionally designed program can, over time, direct the body to heal and return to proper function.

The goal is to strengthen and help to repair body organs – specifically the organs that control blood pressure. These include the kidney, liver, the cardiovascular system (such as the heart, arteries and veins) and the hormonal system (the glands, pituitary, adrenals, and thyroid).

Whole food supplements can have a powerful positive effect on your body. You may be wondering, what are whole food supplements? A typical commercial vitamin supplement found on the shelf contains “synthetic” vitamins. This means vitamins like Vitamin B and C are artificially generated from industrial chemicals in giant factory vats.

Whereas, whole food supplements come from real living, organically raised plants including fruits and vegetables, that have been processed so you receive the nutrients in a natural form. In this way you receive vitamins, minerals and co-factors which the body is able to absorb, and assimilate. These natural supplements act in coordination with the body, as opposed to synthetic which the body often doesn’t recognize or use.

Where and How to Get Natural Treatment?

natural doctor will work in coordination with your medical doctor. In the course of treatment, as your blood pressure goes down, your medical doctor naturally would want to gradually taper off your medication.

There are certain good foods to eat that will help build, repair and heal your organs. There are certain bad foods to avoid as these may cause further damage.

Each individual body is unique and the good and bad foods vary to some degree. The amount of time it takes to heal the body and improve high blood pressure depends on what is found with your organs based on the exam.

Nutritional response testing is a very precise, scientific method that finds the underlying cause of health problems. Nutrients that your body needs are identified based on this testing.

A patient’s program time frame varies, depending on how long the condition has existed and how weak the organs of the person. The body needs as much time to change as it took time to get into that condition.


[1] Lancet 2007;370;539, Hypertension: uncontrolled and conquering the world

[2], U.S. Blood Pressure Rates Rise Dangerously

Author: Dr. Granger
I am a natural health practitioner and a chiropractic physician serving patients in Clearwater, Florida and Pinellas County. I have been in practice for over 32 years since 1985.

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