I’m very happy to be working with the LMT and Dr. Granger on some health issues. I can feel improvement with my immune system which leads to better sleep, more energy and just a better overall general feeling. It’s like I’m getting to the root of the problems and it goes a little up and down but always seems to push through to an improved state of well being and resurgence. It’s great to work with high quality all natural supplements which is just part of my philosophy as I want to do the best I can to stay away from prescribed drugs and surgeries unless an emergency.

It’s nice to get tested and see the progress as things improve and then change to another more important part of the puzzle towards optimal health and a stronger immune system. It get’s tricky at times and I’ve recently been working more with Haley and she has been the greatest at zeroing in on what needs to be tackled at that particular moment! I have learned to improve health the natural way it’s about diet, exercise and lifestyle changes among many other healthy things that are simple and all work together, and this part is key for sure. The opportunity to work with someone expert and locate things that need the attention before it’s too late! Thank you so much for all the awesome help, the office is great to work with and I highly recommend their services!!

– T.C.

OUTSTANDING approach to whole body health and wellness. Focused on CURING and preventing illness and disease, as opposed to treating symptoms like the “traditional medical system” does. Dr. Kevin and the LMT have a laser focus on diagnosing and treating whatever ails you. We are “snowbirds” from PA and COULDN’T WAIT to get back to see these folks. Professional, joyful and super courteous staff make you feel relaxed and cared for.

My Wife, Colleen has been treated for digestive, hormonal and toxin overload issues, while I, Ron, have had sinus, digestive and chiropractic relief, all while focusing on whole foods and better dietary habits to promote long term healing and wellness, from the inside out. My lovely Wife looks and feels terrific and I have had lifelong sinus, ear and tonsil issues stopped cold, after many, many years of struggles with sinusitis, rhinitis and ear-nose-throat infections. Also, my Wife and I have built our immune systems up to ward off colds and flu (haven’t had seasonal flu in years).

Also, referred our Son, who had a debilitating disorder that NO ONE in the traditional medical realm could diagnose or treat…test after test after test, with nothing showing anywhere, anyhow, until he saw Dr. Kevin. He was diagnosed with parasitic activity, gut-bacteria and endocrine issues that have been restored and effectively controlled, all while restoring mental and physical whole-body wellness, while tweaking dietary dos and donts, for healthful living. In addition, his Girlfriend, was treated for bloating and sinus issues, which have been effectively eliminated. Both of them look and feel great. THANK YOU, everyone at Granger Nutritional Wellness!

– R & C

This place is a life saver. I’ve been seeing the LMT off and on for around 4 years now. First when she helped me recover from Lyme’s Disease, then from Mold Toxicity Syndrome, and, most recently, Adrenal Fatigue.

She is the best I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot of people for Lyme’s Disease) at navigating complicated symptoms and getting the appropriate organs the nutrients they need to heal.
She’s worth traveling to (I come from across the state), because, with her, you always leave with answered questions and hope. I can live my life again thanks to Nutritional Wellness.

– A.O.

This place is amazing! They have knowledgeable and friendly staff. When I first came to them, I was getting sick a lot and they helped me tremendously with my health!

– S.T.

The way I started to notice the increase of energy was that I used to have 1 weeks worth of jet lag when flying to Europe about 4-5 times a year. Every time I had jet lag without fail! After doing this program with the LMT for just a few weeks I had zero jet lag!! Zero!! Then as I
continued with the program I began to notice an increase in my metabolism as well! It’s been several months now and I’ve dropped all my old “get well remedies”, because now I have no need for them. I don’t get sick anymore!

– C.T.