Your body can eventually become immune to certain foods unless you keep a variety in your diet

Importance of Variety of Diet

  • Importance of Variety of Diet
  • How The Body Absorbs Nutrients
  • What Can You Do?

Importance of Variety of Diet

Do you remember when you were a kid and you had a favorite food that you ate all the time? Quite possibly you were a picky eater and didn’t allow for much variety of diet into your meal schedules. Today, your variety of diet is likely much different than when you were a child. Now, think about your current favorite, or “go-to” food. Imagine if you had it every meal for the rest of your life. Do you still think that after one or several months a year, you would

  • still love that same food as much?
  • get sick of it?

If you answered “get sick of it”, the body is the same way, and would tend to agree with you. Much like our tastes change from a child to an adult, and from time to time is very similar to how the body operates with regards to the food we eat.

To understand how a variety of diet factors into your optimal health via nutritional wellness, we need to understand a key concept about the body and how it extracts the nutrients it needs from the food you eat.

How The Body Absorbs Nutrients

  • Bodies need a variety of several different nutrients to stay healthy and to meet all nutritional needs to keep organs, hormones, and everything else balanced and functioning optimally.
  • Eating the same thing all the time with no variation is the equivalent of starving your body.
  • If you continue to eat the same things every day, week after week, without too much variation your body can become overwhelmed by that food and it will begin to create a nutritional imbalance.
  • When there is an imbalance in the body, this causes the body to burn through more nutrients faster as it tries to correct and restore balance. Meanwhile, the body is getting sicker and weaker since it cannot keep up.
  • This can actually cause your body to develop a sensitivity to that food, which means that it can begin to have negative effects whenever you eat it, such as:
    • indigestion
    • food allergies
    • inability to sleep
    • racing heart
    • cramping
    • back pain
    • and more…

What Can You Do?

  • Make sure to eat a variety of different meats, veggies, good fats and other foods for a balanced diet.
  • Experiment with new recipes and learn different ways of making the foods you love.
  • Attend appointments when scheduled on your nutritional program to ensure your nutritional needs are being kept up with.
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