I had so much trouble sleeping the last few weeks. I saw the LMT two times last week until she figured out what was going on. After some thorough testing she found the problem and now I am able to fall asleep without lying awake for 4-5 hours. Thank you the LMT! What a relief!

– A.D

I saw Dr. Granger where I was very weak, incredible gas, and had post menopausal bleeding. I also had trouble sleeping. I feel strong, digestion is better and I sleep 8 hours most of the time. My post menopause problem is better though not totally handle. He is a great nutritionist!

– L.S.

The LMT is super awesome (as is the rest of the staff!!) and has helped me several times and helped with my illnesses. She was able to find specific things that my body didn’t like and provided me with what was needed. Don’t believe me? Come and see for yourself!!

They also host several events that go over the good and bad things for your body; whether it’s foods or sleep or stress relief or anything really … they cover it.

– S.T.

I started seeing the LMT about nutrition a little over 6 months ago. I was having trouble sleeping. Since starting my nutrition program my body has started working better. I have been sleeping better but what I am the most happy about is that there were a lot of little irritations with my body due to fungus that I had gotten used to and didn’t think anything could be done about them. These have cleared up and gone away also. I’ve never really had a weight problem but since starting the program I’ve also lost weight. My body functions very well now and I enjoy not having to put my attention on it. I’m more productive because of this.

– G.R.

For the past few months I have been being helped by the LMT at Dr. Granger Nutritional Wellness. When I first arrived, I was suffering from lack of sleep, lack of energy, and various other issues that were giving me trouble and making me unhappy. Within the first week of starting my program, I was able to get such amazingly restful nights of sleep. It made a huge difference immediately. From that point onward, my energy returned, my digestive system started to straighten out, I became happier, more focused, etc. on and on. It’s amazing! It’s like magic. Now I am doing really well and not suffering from the things that I came to see the LMT for in the first place. I cannot thank the LMT and the whole team at Dr. Granger Nutritional Wellness enough. I would highly, highly recommend them.

– M.T.

I love this place ! I have been working on achieving ultimate health and Dr. Granger has helped me handle my body. I even crave veggies now. When I first started my program I was extremely fatigued. I couldn’t sleep well , I craved sugar and now I feel amazing, I sleep through the night and have great energy ! Thank you Nutritional Wellness

– A.S.

I worked in the medical field with off schedules – my body was in bad shape in terms of sleep and it didn’t know when to rest. The program with the LMT has brought back my body to normal cyclic rhythm. My body relaxes now at night, so I can sleep. If you keep with the program you will see the amazing results!

– V.G.

Finally last night I could sleep for 8 hours without waking up! This is an incredible win for me as I had trouble on this since some time that was upsetting me. Also, my whole body feels generally much better since I started my nutritional treatment with the LMT. I really can say that the technique used is working for me because the supplements given are helping my organs to release the heavy metals and recover. The amazing thing is that this group is using food supplements and no drugs as doctors usually do, showing that we can get better. Thank you so much to the LMT and the whole team.

– C.M.