Stress is #1 cause of most illness and disease  

Heart Disease, Cancer, Digestive Issues, Auto-immune Diseases, Depression, Anxiety, Memory Impairment, Weight Gain & Skin Conditions all have stress as one of the leading causes. There’s also foods, drinks, products, and lifestyle choices that can cause more stress on our bodies.

Can you see where stress management plays a key role in your health?

Let’s Dive In..

Food & Drink that Put Stress on the Body 

  • Sugar & processed carbohydrates – Blood sugar imbalance/Inflammation
  • Gluten & Dairy – Difficult on digestive system/Inflammation
  • Heavy meals (including too high in animal protein) – Requires a lot of energy and stresses digestive system 
  • Caffeine – Increases cortisol levels which generate a “stress reaction”
  • Alcohol – Damages your cells by oxidation, particularly the liver

3 Stages of Stress 

This theory was developed in 1936, by the endocrinologist, Hans Seyle and describes our body’s reaction to stress. He discovered that stress produces lasting negative chemical changes in our body in 3 stages. 

  1. Alarm –  Also known as “Fight or Flight”
    When we’re in this state, our body releases cortisol and adrenaline. If this is not used up by physical exertion, it becomes a danger. 
  2. Resistance – If the cause for the stress is not removed, the body  goes to its second stage called “resistance.”
    In order to sustain energy, our body increases blood sugar levels and blood pressure.
    If this continues for a prolonged period of time without any rest or relaxation, the body will become prone to fatigue, concentration lapses and irritability.  
  3. Exhaustion – In this stage, the body has run out of its reserve of  body energy and immunity.
    When this happens, blood sugar levels decrease as the adrenals become depleted, leading to decreased stress tolerance, progressive mental and physical exhaustion, and illness. 

Today’s busy and stressful lifestyle keeps our body in these stages with no periods of rest and recovery. As a result, we are in the “fight or flight” mode at all times to some degree which causes harmful stress to our health.

Stay tuned for tips & ways to reduce your stress

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