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Videos and written testimonials from
Dr. Kevin Granger, Hayley Imbriani and their patients

Nearly collapsed physically. Had no energy to work.

Greer explains how far she has come with Dr. Granger’s program. She has gone from spending most of the day in bed, to gaining energy, strength and stamina, with reduced pain.

Dr. Granger helped me avoid a $12,000 operation!

Lura said she was an emotional wreck and tired all the time. Her blood sugar was over 300 and she was overweight. Since going onto Dr. Granger’s program she has more energy, has lowered her blood sugar and has lost 25 pounds.

When no one else could help, Jim went to Dr. Granger

Jim tells his powerful story on how Dr. Granger has helped him recover his health. He has lost weight, and the constant ache in his throat is now gone. Dr. Granger was able to zero in on his health challenges as his body changed.

Family's health is dramatically changed forever!

These testimonials tell how Dr. Granger has changed and  saved lives through his programs.  Dr. Granger resides and practices in Clearwater, Florida.

REFINED SUGAR - What you don't know CAN hurt you

In this episode of Health Minute we discuss the the truth about how refined sugar impacts your short-term and long-term health and overall vitality.

80% of the American population is overweight!

The food profit industry has turned this country into one of the most obese in the world. Many people are overweight and don’t know why. With a little education about how  foods affect the body and tips for avoiding those foods, people can be back to a slim waistline in no time.


Nearly 20% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. In this episode of Health Minute we discuss some of the primary causes of food allergies, inflammation, and chronic pain.

Find out the truth about the food you are eating

You know how important your health is, so stop sidelining it. Find out today how to improve your health and have the life you want.

Written testimonials from patients who have all achieved significant health gains through Dr. Granger's programs

Successes 1Wooow! Successes 2 I feel just great. I ‘m doing really well. I have NO complaints since I have been doing my program. I shall continue.”

Susan S.

Dr. Kevin Granger picture with S.S.Successes 3Wow! I survived the treatment! Plus I liked it!

Yes, Dr. Kevin Granger was bang on’ in his analysis and treatment protocols. My energy came back and has not gone away! Thank you Sir!”


Granger Health A.N.Successes 3 Since I have been in treatment with Dr. Granger doing Nutrition Response Testing, many things have changed in my body. When I came to see him in April, my digestion was doing poorly; I had parasites, felt tense, and couldn’t sleep well at night. My blood pressure was sometimes high and my thyroid and circulation were not working properly.

“For the last five months, I was treated weekly and given nutritional supplements that were exactly what my body was asking for and needed at the time. In these 5 months with the treatment, I feel stronger and healthier. I have lost weight; my digestion is much improved and the parasites are gone. I feel relaxed and my thyroid and blood pressure are now normal. And very important too, is that little by little, I have been reading and learning about the right way to really eat healthy.

“I absolutely recommend to anyone, who is showing any health problems, to see Dr. Granger and start a treatment with him. You will experience the knowledge he uses in his practice and how caring he is about the details. Working together with patients, he finds what is happening to the body and why it’s not working properly. And by giving the nutritional supplements that the body needs, you are going to experience a positive improvement to your health. If you have health concerns, just show up in his office and you can experience for yourself how the body responds positively to nutritional supplements and you will see improvements little by little when things are handled in the correct way. Thank you, Dr. Granger.”


Granger Health Vicki D.Successes 3 I have had tremendous success with Dr. Granger. I have been unable to use my hands and now I am handwriting this testimonial! My muscle-tone has increased immediately in only one visit!

“I have been seeing practitioner after practitioner to get relief. This was the missing link that made healing possible. I was getting no sleep (or not good qualitysleep), had poor digestion, low energy and poor muscle tone.

“I can’t believe the difference — truly! My physical therapist actually told me that my muscles were different the day after I started with Dr. Granger. I have been seeing him for four months! Now I’m really improving!!!!”

Vicki D.

Granger Health Kathy B.Successes 3 I sought help seeing Dr. Granger for long-standing high blood pressure not lowering after an injury that left me in great pain for years as well as a skin condition presenting again after years of disappearing in my early 20’s, as well as for constant and increasing fatigue.

“After 2 weeks of treatment with Dr. Granger my blood pressure dropped to 120/60, and after 6 weeks, to 110/70.”

“My skin condition is improving and my fatigue disappearing. I’m impressed by the work and Dr. Granger’s way of implementing the program, absolutely no “meds,” only whole food and other natural substances. I look forward now, to years of improved health after years of injury, surgeries, and struggle to regain my health.”

Kathy B.


Granger Health Irma J.Successes 3 I realized that I’ve made some vast improvements and I’ve got a lot more energy now. I’m not yawning in the afternoons any more. I need all the energy I can get and I feel vibrant. I can get a lot done in a day now, especially to push my body for exercise. I feel stronger and motivated to sustain exercising for longer than I used to. Also, I’m sleeping so much better. Before I would wake up at 4:00am every night and had a hard time going back to sleep. Now I sleep all through the night, and if I wake up, I go back to sleep very easily.

“I used to also have shoulder pains, which have now gone away. Overall I feel healthy. I’m also able to handle the stress in my life so much better and I enjoy what I’m doing. I feel the nutrition improvement recommendations made by Dr. Granger have greatly contributed to my complete health. Dr. Dan Reisling’s adjustments have greatly changed my body’s structure to handle so much strength, breathing and overall removed my pain. Thank you!!!”

Irma J.

Granger Health picture A.K.Successes 8 I’ve been struggling off and on with my tonsils swelling seemingly at the slightest bit of environmental change or contamination. The tonsils will swell and put me out of commission for a week with body aches and chills. Other doctors always assumed that the cause was either strep, mono or a virus, but the tests would always come up negative.

“So naturally I wasn’t certain if Dr. Granger’s clinic could help me with this. But I was wrong! Hayley Imbriani did a very thorough evaluation, and got me started on a supplemental regimen. Within a day the body aches and chills subsided and I saw my tonsils healing. This was the fastest that my tonsils have ever recovered  and I am so grateful. I am more than happy to recommend this clinic to anyone struggling with similar health issues. They are awesome


Granger Health A.D.Successes 3 I had so much trouble sleeping the last few weeks. I saw Hayley two times last week until she figured out what was going on. After some thorough testing she found the problem and now I am able to fall asleep without lying awake for 4-5 hours. Thank you Hayley! What a relief!”


Granger Health Cruz Z.Successes 3 When I first went to see Dr. Granger, my insides weren’t feeling that well. My stomach was not doing so well. I had aches and pains above my ribs, stomach and left arm. The nutrients Dr. Granger put me on, I immediately noticed something within my left side somehow doing something to me. I continued to take these nutrients and felt myself getting a little bit better each day – my insides feel different in a sense of well being. I ended up in the hospital and found out I have diverticulitis. Almost everyone develops this problem I was told at hospital. This surprised me to know I have that.. I can attribute the nutrients helping me in some way in saving my life.”

Cruz Z.

Granger Health Angela K. E.Successes 3 I’ve lost 10 pounds in approximately 5 weeks. Feeling great. Not hungry. Brain fog much, much better. Friendly staff.

Angela K. E

Granger Health Gaspar K.Successes 3 A major accomplishment has happened: The blood pressure which was hovering in the 170/90 range has now lowered to 134/75. This is awesome. In two and a half months of treatment the problem was solved by the combination of Dr. Riesling and Dr. Granger. This was done without the use of drugs. I will continue in treatment to get rid of breathing difficulty.

“Thank you for making an 85 year old man feel like I have many more years to live healthily.”

Gaspar K.

Granger Health Cynthia L.Successes 3 This week there was a change which was a sudden change physically in strength more or less a physical feeling of weakness (and I work out) to one of strength and I could feel that. Increased interest in food am aware of food and energy relation whereas before not so much.”

“So basically it was a switch from physical weakness to physical strength and it was sudden. I haven’t felt this way since my youth at about age 25.”

Cynthia L.

Granger Health Charlene P.Successes 3 Working with Dr. Granger has been the best health care choice for me. He spotted aspects of my health needs that other doctors (many others that I had seen) missed.

“He gave helpful advice on diet as well, which has made a big difference in my overall well-being. The supplement program is easy to follow and my health has improved greatly in only 3 months.”

Charlene P.

My Path to Wellness with Nutrition Response Testing

—Amber O’Dell

Will I Ever Be Healthy Again?

Being unwell has become a part of my identity. At this point in my life, I feel like I’ve been sick more than I’ve been healthy. It shows in how I talk about myself and in my hesitancy when making plans. The insecurities caused by my prolonged poor health reveal themselves in my low self worth, and through my fear to do the things that I love.

I’m getting better though, and the amazing part is: I actually believe I can stay better.

My life has been a roller coaster. As a kid, I became sick easily, but I managed to maintain a couple years of good health in high school by correcting my sleep, managing my stress and improving my diet. Then I got Mono my senior year. It made me too tired to do much, but I trudged on and kept going. By time I entered university, I was able to resume my hobbies of dance, martial arts, running and even add climbing into the mix. That only lasted a semester though. I didn’t know it until three years later, but I’d been infected with Lyme disease. Despite how common it is, it was hard to diagnose because it just copied so many other ailments. I spent three years with doctors telling me I was healthy, when most days I couldn’t get out of bed. I began to struggle in school due to memory problems. I missed assignments and tests from accidentally falling asleep all the time, and I had to spend an extra year retaking classes. Some nights, I’d wake up crying because I was in so much pain. I was convinced that I would never be healthy again. I believed that I was simply someone who would always be sick.

Landscape GrangerHealth

Discovering Nutrition Response Testing

Then I met Hayley Imbriani. She told me about Nutrition Response Testing, and, in a simple demonstration, she was able to deduce that something was keeping me from healing. When she showed me how they test the different organs’ health, my body responded to the very same organs that showed up in my later requested blood work as unhealthy.

My mom is the one who figured out I had Lyme disease, and the requested tests for that showed that I did in fact test positive for that bacteria. When I asked the doctor about the treatment for it, they just had a general antibiotic for me. It was nice be rid of the bacterial infection so that it wouldn’t do more damage, but they offered no help for the three years of damage that had already been done. So I turned to Nutrition Response Testing.

Everything Hayley tested had correlated perfectly with the blood work and diagnoses from my doctor, and that was just meant to be a quick explanation!

My journey back to good health

Within a few months, I was on my feet again–literally–and my doctor said it was the quickest he had ever heard of someone recovering from the stage of Lyme disease that I had reached. I completed my bachelor degree, started working again, and even picked dancing back up. I still have a long road to recovery, but I finally have hope again. I know that no matter how many times I may relapse, I have help getting better.

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