Dr. Granger helped me avoid a $12,000 operation!

Lura said she was an emotional wreck and tired all the time. Her blood sugar was over 300 and she was overweight. Since going onto Dr. Granger’s program she has more energy, has lowered her blood sugar and has lost 25 pounds.

How I Lost 15 lbs by Following this Simple Nutrition Plan

I’ve lost 10 pounds in approximately 5 weeks. Feeling great. Not hungry. Brain fog much, much better. Friendly staff.

– Angela K. E

Dr. Granger is amazing!
I first came here in early November 2021. I wasn’t sleeping well at night, was having weight problems and eventually even lost my period for over six months. As a 19-year-old who had always been healthy, this definitely felt pretty scary.

Before I came to Dr. Granger, I was prescribed hormones in order to trigger my period and I was told I would need to start being on birth control for several months (which I had never done before,) and that it’d make it difficult for me to lose the weight but that “if I managed,” things COULD get better. After blood testing, my hormones turned out to be just fine and in proper balance, which brought a lot more uncertainty on what was going on with me.

Within the first couple of weeks of seeing Dr. Granger I started feeling much better – first night on my natural supplements was the best night sleep I’d had in several months! After getting education on nutrition directly from him, being consistent with my supplements and creating better habits for myself with his help (exercise, good sleep, good eating…), I started losing weight, gaining muscle, feeling better, sleeping better, looking better, and I recovered my period to its complete normal, with no need of artificial components, hormones or drugs.

I’m very grateful to Dr. Granger for all of his help so far! Very much looking forward to completing the rest of my treatment 😊

– S.B.

Health is up.
Weight is down.
She takes the guesswork out of the game, so you just get results.

– T.Z.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Granger since April 2020. I came in to get help with orthopedic pain, as well as generalized health. I did not have my attention on skin or weight issues, however, within about 6 weeks of care, I had magically lost 13 pounds! This was an unexpected surprise , and this weight has NOT come back! It puts me at a pretty healthy 130 lbs. The other thing that happened was that some very minor skin conditions completely cleared up! My skin is soft, supple, and blemish free in the once problem areas. These are wonderful added benefits I had not planned on or sought out! (My pain is MUCH better too!)

– T.Z.

On the first day, I got instant results! Four weeks later I started to drop weight and my energy levels increased. I also noticed that I sleep better and fall asleep easier, which wasn’t even the problem I was originally attempting to address.

– J.S.